Grain to Glass. Clean to Can.

Like everything else we do at Seismic, our focus is always on the crafting the highest quality beer and doing so in the most environmentally sustainable manner possible, and our brewery certainly embodies this commitment. Custom-designed by our production team, our brewery was truly designed by brewers, for brewers, for the earth, and for the beer.

After months of searching for a place to set up shop, we found the perfect spot at 2870 Duke Court in Santa Rosa, CA. It took nearly 1 year to build, but our 13,000 square foot facility has been outfitted with an American-Made Brewhouse and with some of the coolest and newest technology in brewing.

While the brewery is pretty cool on its own, what we are really proud of is what we’ve done to provide a beer that’s clean to can, brewed completely with renewable energy sourced right here in Sonoma County.

Exterior photo of Seismic Brewery
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Cambrian EcoVolt MINI

We were proud to collaborate with Cambrian Innovation to develop the first EcoVolt MINI. Designed for the needs of a smaller brewery, our EcoVolt MINI leverages electrogenic bacteria, which essentially ferments our wastewater into clean water, which we can use for our other brewery functions.

BrauKon Kettle Steam Condenser

During the brewing process, you lose a lot of steam simply to evaporation, which normally vents to the surrounding atmosphere. Where many see a waste stream, we saw an opportunity. We partnered with BrauKon to design a custom kettle steam condenser that re-condenses that steam into water, which the EcoVolt unit can them reclaim. We simultaneously recapture the heat from the steam by running ambient temperature water through the condenser, and through simple heat exchange, we are able to send that water to our hot brewing liquor tank to be used in future brews.

Union Engineering ReVap-CO2 Heat Exchange

Temperature control is a critical component of brewing, and this requires energy. We implemented a creative method of limiting the energy needed to cool our spent glycol and to heat our liquid CO2. Our Union Engineering heat exchanger allows us to run these 2 lines in parallel, which super chills the glycol while simultaneously vaporizing the liquid CO2.

Sonoma Clean Power

By tapping into the natural geothermal energy produced by the geysers in Sonoma County, Sonoma Clean Power offers its EverGreen customers 100% locally sourced renewable power. We are proud that our beers are brewed with this clean energy produced in our backyard, and we are happy to support another local company bringing jobs to our community.

Cambrian EcoVolt MINI
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Brewed Better

American-Made Brew House

We love America! We felt strongly about using American-made steel for our brew house, so we partnered with U.S. based manufacturers to custom-design and build our brewing vessels, fermenters, & bright tanks.

Hard-Piped & Well-Insulated

Our brewery is entirely hard-piped, which contributes to quality control, while simultaneously reducing waste and increasing workplace safety. All of our pipes are well-insulated for energy-efficiency.

Sloped Floors & Trenched Drains

To ensure that there is never any standing water on the brewery floor, which can create quality control issues or workplace accidents, we sloped our floors and installed trenches beneath the brewery floor, which channels the water to our EcoVolt.


After fermentation, all of our beers pass through our centrifuge filtration system, to help remove any undesirable sediment or residual yeast without stripping away the hop aroma and flavor complexities to guarantee you get our very best beer!

Fermentation Tanks
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