Brewing Leadership

It all began in college. Christopher Jackson & Patrick Delves were roommates at Santa Clara University, having fun, dreaming big, and exploring the world of craft beer. This diversion became a passion, as they continued to learn more about the brewing process and the nuances of the multitude of beer styles. Years later, Patrick had chosen brewing as his profession, and after receiving a job offer from one of Colorado’s top craft brewers, he began to say his good-byes to his friends here in California. But Christopher had another plan in mind, and he offered his friend an opportunity to help start a brewery.

It was about this time, that Christopher’s fiancée introduced him to Andy Hooper, a talented young brewer, who was working as the Director of Operations at another craft brewery. After years of brewing for someone else, the opportunity to develop his own recipes and to brew world-class beer on his own custom-designed brewery was too good to pass up.

The three set a high standard that every beer they released would be of the highest quality, and that they would endeavor to establish new sustainable brewing practices to make a lasting impact in the industry.

They designed a brewer’s brewery that incorporated new technology and a custom-designed brew house, and they recruited a team of industry all-stars with different areas of expertise to help them bring this dream to life. They took the name Seismic Brewing Company because Northern California is home and because this team will be a powerful, creative force within the world of brewing.

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Who Makes Your Beer

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