A Better Way to Brew

We are very fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful areas of the world and to be able to brew amazing beer for a living. With that in mind, we have a responsibility to address the environmental and societal challenges of today to help prepare a better tomorrow for the next generation of Northern California brewers and beer drinkers. We subscribe to the “3 P’s” of Sustainable Business: People, Planet, and Prosperity. What does this mean?


We do right by our PEOPLE. What should be common sense, is not always common practice. We are proud to pay our hourly workers a legitimate living wage, and we have a culture which fosters both personal & professional growth.


We do right by our PLANET. We owe it to the next generation of Californians to preserve the natural beauty of Sonoma County. We designed our brewery and brewing processes to maximize water & energy efficiency, so that we can bring you world-class beer in an environmentally sustainable manner.


We do right by our COMMUNITY. By partnering with local businesses and other organizations, we help drive economic PROSPERITY at home. Whether it’s a small business that brings jobs to the community or a group that shares a similar ethos which is working to preserve the environment, we are proud to support those that are similarly invested in Sonoma County.


Sustainable Partners


Our sustainability efforts don’t end once the beer is brewed. We are proud to collaborate with many other great organizations that have invested in sustainability to help bring our delicious beer to the market.


Beer quality is priority #1, which is why we prefer cans to glass, but the environmental benefits (reducing fossil fuel usage, requiring less energy to chill, and higher likelihood of recycling) are the reason that we can our beer. We are working with Graphics Packaging International to supply us with 100% recycled paperboard for the beer packaging you see at the store.


Next time you order a Seismic at your local watering hole, ask for our glassware. We partnered with Zenan USA for glassware that utilizes UV based organic inks, rather than the traditional inks & dyes used in most branded barware. Since investing in UV printing, Zenan USA reduced their carbon footprint by 50%. We think that you’ll like the nucleation too!

Tap Handles & Apparel

It wasn’t easy locating tap handle and apparel manufacturers that made their products here in the U.S., but we found a few, and their products are top shelf! Hoptown Handles designed and crafted our Seismic tap handles from all-natural materials. Based out of Sonoma County, Farm Fresh made our t-shirts using American-made fabric and environmentally friendly dyes.

Act Locally

One brewery’s waste is another farm’s treasure. We donate our spent grain to Noci Sonoma, a community farm and another start-up like ourselves. Their ethos for farming sustainable, fresh food lines up well with our own beliefs. We are able to divert a costly waste stream, while helping another great organization reduce their animal feed costs.

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