Brewer's Notes

Entropy is malty, hoppy, aromatic, robust, and hedonistic. Featuring two different rye malts and a healthy dose of rich Vienna malt, the full bodied monster does not disappoint. Caramel and peppery rye flavors create a strong background to the hops, which are classically reminiscent of pine and citrus - with a sneaky addition of Nelson Sauvin hops to keep things interesting. At a bracing 75 IBU and 8.5% ABV, this winter warmer aims to satisfy hop heads and malt lovers alike. This is the Imperial Red Ale your mother warned you about.

  • Style: Imperial Red Rye IPA
  • ABV: 8.5%
  • IBU: 75
  • SRM: 8.0
Malts: 2-Row, Vienna, Red Crystal Malt, Rye Malt
Hops: Cascade, Centennial, Citra, Nelson Sauvin
Packaging: Draught Only
Available: Previous Limited Release

Behind The Name

The concept of entropy is rooted in the second law of thermodynamics, but we’re here to talk about beer. Entropy commonly refers to the idea that everything in the universe eventually transforms from order to disorder. Entropy is the measurement of that change. In that spirit, a pint of this delicious Imperial IPA can also be a useful measure of the gradual breakdown into disorder that we so often experience as the night progresses. Enjoy!

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