Fight The Plower

Brewer's Notes

With the raging success of our first wet hop beer, For Whom the Belma Tolls, we decided to do an additional one in 2019! This time, however, the base beer is similar to our award-winning Alluvium Pilsner, made with no-till barley. (Get it? No-till, no plowing the earth…) The Cashmere hop is the star of the show here. Known for its unique lemon and coconut profile, this beer is fresh and citrusy, with a hit of tropical fruit – almost like a piña colada, but built onto the sturdy base of a pilsner. These hops are picked fresh at the farm, where our brewing team picks them up and drives them 12 hours straight back to the brewery!

  • Style: Fresh Hop Pilsner
  • ABV: 5.2
  • IBU: 40
  • SRM: 5
Malts: Admiral Feldblume
Hops: 6.2 lbs per barrel of fresh Cashmere!
Packaging: Draught Only
Available: Limited Release

Behind The Name

Cashmere is a really fun and unique hop that we’ve grown quite fond of over the last couple years. To showcase this hop, we decided to opt for a beer that was not traditionally a fresh hop style, but still creates a clean canvas for the hops to really shine through. Enjoy the first pickings of this year’s Cashmere harvest!

Fight The Plower Fresh Hop Pilsner
Fight The Plower Fresh Hop Pilsner
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