Brewer's Notes

The Legend has returned!!!

A long time fan and team favorite, Namazu Pale Ale is returning in a slightly bigger, but just as delicious package! We layered some caramel malts and malted wheat for added body and complexity over previous versions of the beer, bringing the ABV up a bit to 6%. We then topped it all off with a massive dry hop of Cashmere, Mosaic, Belma, Simcoe and Cascade bringing all of the strawberry, citrus, piña colada and ripe melon notes. Hop lovers will delight at the full flavor and aroma of a vibrant IPA, but in an approachable and sessionable Pale Ale package.

  • Style: Pale Ale
  • ABV: 6.0%
  • IBU: 50
  • SRM: 12
Malts: 2-Row, CaraAmber, Crystal 50, Malted Wheat, CaraFoam (NOT OATS)
Hops: Cashmere, Mosaic, Belma, Simcoe, Cascade
Packaging: Draught
Available: Limited Release

Food Pairings

Cheese: Manchego
Entrée: Ceviche, Fish Tacos or Mango Salsa

Behind The Name

According to Japanese myth, it is the brute power of the giant catfish Namazu that causes all earthquakes. When Namazu broke free from his imprisonment in the deep, hidden waters, the powerful force he summoned was felt throughout the land. We took inspiration from this ancient legend to create a new take on the traditional pale ale standards, creating a pale ale that harnesses the dark, mystical forces of the powerful beast. Our Namazu Pale Ale breaks through the paradigm and delivers new meaning to what a pale ale should be.

Namazu Pale Ale
Namazu packaging art
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