The Duke of Manor

Brewer's Notes

This Belgian Pale ale is a hat tip to our patient and understanding landlord, Mr. Duke Lang. A home brewer and a fan of Belgium-style beer, we made this aromatic and fruit-forward ale in his honor. The Duke boasts nearly 3 pounds per barrel of aroma hops to complement the candied pear esters of the yeast. Despite its complexity and aromatic depth, the body lends to refreshing drinkability on hot California days. Drink up; the rent is due.

  • Style: Belgian Pale Ale
  • ABV: 5.5%
  • IBU: 45
  • SRM: 4.3
Malts: Admiral Maltings Pilsner, Flaked Barley
Hops: Belma, Azacca, Cashmere
Packaging: Draught Only
Available: Previous Limited Release

Behind The Name

​We threw close to 3 pounds per barrel of Azacca, Belma and Cashmere hops into this brew, boasting mouthwatering notes of sweet papaya, pineapple and mango, which gets rounded out by a delicate and spicy baked pear esther profile from the Belgian yeast. All of this sits on a crisp and clean malt backbone brought to you by 100% California grown Admiral Malting Pilsner malt, making this beer supremely crushable.

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